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How to perform a factory reset on the Dolphin?

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How to perform a factory reset on the Dolphin 6110 / 6510?

How to restore factory default settings on a Dolphin 6110 / 6510 I have a D6110 returned from a demo and I want to reload its factory default settings. How can I get it done?


The Dolphin 6110 / 6510 have a flash partition called IPSM which contains the Honeywell image.

To perform the "Factory Reset" and restore the Honeywell image, follow these steps indicated below:


Following this process will cause that any custom application installed on the terminal or any customize setting will be lost!

The device will restore Factory default settings.

Press the Power key for 5 seconds.

Select 'Hard Reset' in the menu that appears.

When the white boot screen appears and the led blinks, type the following keys in sequence: "1", "2", "7", "7". This will be displayed in a small box in the center of the screen.

The device will show a menu with 2 options. When the menu appears, press the "ENT" (Enter) key to select the Factory Reset option.

Select the "ENT" (Enter) key on the question to proceed. At this moment, the device will start the "Factory Mode" process.

Product Category Mobile Computers & Kiosks Applies To


Mobility Hardware: 6110, 6510 Operating Systems: Windows CE 6, Windows Embedded Handheld

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